WAIPU is opposed all unilateral options in icehockey contracts. A unilateral option is a clause in a player’s contract which gives the club the right to extend the contract once it has expired without the player having any say in the matter.
WAIPU is fighting for all measures that will bring more protection for players in the medical and health sector as well as for any changes of rules that will protect the health of the players more.
WAIPU is strongly committed against any kind of match fixing and against any third party to influence the game.  WAIPU is of the opinion that a zero-tolerance policy is necessary to protect the integrity of the game and the championships as well as to guarantee the integrity of the sport.  WAIPU however rejects any general suspicion against players, clubs and club managers. WAIPU is of the opinion that one may encounter this issue only with a strict single-case by case management.  WAIPU supports all measures against betting fraud.
A wonderful sport historical moment took place as a surprise at the Swiss Golden Player Award ceremony where the best players of the last season were honored.