CAH the Czech Association of Ice Hockey Players has become an official member of WAIPU!
Russia and ZSC legend Vladimir Krutov Yevgenyevich is dead The Russian hockey star Vladimir Krutov has died at the age of 52 from internal bleeding. The left winger who played almost his entire career for CSKA Moscow, was one of the best players in the Soviet era and part of the KLM line of the Russian national team.
Born in Moscow, Krutov attracted attention in the local factory team meteor and was invited to the hockey school of the club CSKA Moscow. He then played with ZSK Moscow between 1978 and 1989.
The WAIPU General Assembly was held in Helsinki on 20 May 2012. WAIPU President Dr. Lucien W. Valloni: „It was a very fruitfull and good meeting. We were especially very happy to be able to welcome the new WAIPU member of the Czech Republic and its representative Marketa Haindlova. This was a further important step for WAIPU. It is good to see that we are becoming stronger every year and that we successfully can motivate and help people to found player unions.
WAIPU will held its next General Assembly on 20 May 2012 in Helsinki, Finnland During the next Ice Hockey World Championship in Finnland/Sveden WAIPU will as it is always the case have its general assembly. The WAIPU general assembly will take place on 20 May 2012, the day of the bronze medal and final game in Helsinki.
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WAIPU President Dr. Lucien Valloni particiapted at the EU Sports Forum in Brussels organised by EU Athletes and FIFPro.
WAIPU President Dr. Lucien W. Valloni attended the EU Conference on Sports Agents of 9 and 10 November 2011 in Brüssel / WAIPU is ready to take on responsibility WAIPU President Dr. Lucien W. Valloni: "It was a good conference where the sport stakeholders were having discussions about the issue of sport agents. It was evident, that a solution needs to be found for this area to improve the activity of sport agents.
The World Association of Icehockey Players (WAIPU) is devastated after learning the news of the passing of 43 people among them most oft he team members of Lokomotiv Yarolsavl. Dr Lucien W Valloni, President of WAIPU:  "This is a very sad day for Icehockey all over the world. The players who died were very young and very talented. It is with deep regret that we have all learnt of the crash oft he airplane and the passing of 43 people.
The WAIPU General Assembly was held in Bratislava on 15 May 2011.
WAIPU congratulates Finnland for the fantastic victory in the World Champion final game in Bratislawa. It was a pleasure to see these wonderful goals and the willingnessof this young team to give everything for gold.
KHLPTU has become an official WAIPU Member! KHLPTU the Kontinental Hockey League Players Trade Union's has become an official member of WAIPU ! WAIPU President Dr. Lucien W. Valloni and WAIPU Vice-President Andrei Kovalenko.