NHL, junior hockey leagues part of ‘conspiracy’ to exploit teenage players, $825M lawsuit alleges

Do you think it would be acceptable for a coach of a Major Junior hockey club, who wanted to coach in another pro-league to have to pay a $500,000 release fee, to that Major Junior club to pursue this job opportunity? The fact this is happening to Major Junior Hockey Players is unacceptable, it’s illegal and it needs to be dealt with.

The World Association of Icehockey Players Unions (WAIPU) with a North American division — is supporting the declare.

Calling North American hockey leagues a “multi-billion dollar business,” WAIPU president Lucien Valloni says he hopes the category motion will expose the “one-sided business model.”

“We have to protect minors and young players that are more vulnerable,” he mentioned. “A lot of profit is made on the back of these young players and we cannot see a fair remuneration taking place.”

Valloni mentioned the tip purpose of the motion is a collective bargaining settlement for main junior hockey gamers that protects their pursuits going ahead.

“We consider the freedom of the worker to choose their workplace as a fundamental right that should not be restricted,” he mentioned. “In a time of a global movement for human rights in the field of sport we are encouraged by the strength of these young men who stand up for what is right to create change for those who will follow in their footsteps.”

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