WAIPU accepts Canadian Hockey Leagues' Players' Assocation (CHLPA) as a new member



WAIPU The World Association of IceHockey Players' Unions Is proud to announce the acceptance of the CHLPA Canadian Hockey Leagues' Players' Association as one of it's members.


WAIPU was founded on the fourth of December, 2007 and is the world wide representative organization for all professional ice hockey players.


WAIPU currently has members in the following countries; Finland, Switzerland, Norway, Czech Republic, and through KHLPTU Russia, Belarus, Latvia and Kazakhstan and now Canada and the USA.


WAIPU an it's members have agreed to partner up with the CHLPA and it's fight for player/employee quality of rights and wages for the young men of the Canadian Hockey League. 


Dr. Lucien W. Valloni, President of WAIPU stated; "It's great to have the CHLPA as a member of our organization. Dr Valloni went on further to say that; "I believe in the cause that the players in the Canadian Hockey League are fighting for and WAIPU will provide the full support of their organization behind this worthy cause. 


CHLPA advocate and European Liason, Nick Pard, who is a former QMJHL player of the Canadian Hockey League stated; 


"It's a great day for the CHLPA after years of creating awareness for the many issues surrounding the Canadian Hockey League. We are extremely excited to work with WAIPU and Dr Valloni. This partnership will undoubtably be the keystone that Canadian Hockey League players needed to create awareness for it's campaign and membership drive on a global scale."


The players of the Canadian Hockey League have been in a legal battle since 2014 with the league for a fight just to obtain a minimum wage for the hours which they have worked despite two Canadian court rulings classifying CHL players as employees. The Canadian Hockey League and it's owners still refuse to pay their employees a minimum wage which is required by Canadian law. 


The $187 Million class action certification hearing continues in Ontario, Canada court March 21st - March 23rd. 


For actual information on the pending class action click here.