Successfull WAIPU General Assembly in Helsinki

The WAIPU General Assembly was held in Helsinki on 20 May 2012.

WAIPU President Dr. Lucien W. Valloni:

„It was a very fruitfull and good meeting. We were especially very happy to be able to welcome the new WAIPU member of the Czech Republic and its representative Marketa Haindlova.

This was a further important step for WAIPU.

It is good to see that we are becoming stronger every year and that we successfully can motivate and help people to found player unions.

With every player union we are able to set up we help protect the rights of the players. During the general assembly important topics were discussed, especially the agent issue as well as other topics like the WAIPU Golden Player Award and the SHOW RESPECT campaign.

One of the further main topics was the further development of WAIPU and the implementation of a WAIPU Division Europe in order to be prepared also for the social dialogue on EU level.„