WAIPU requests flexible, lower board systems to be imple-mented as soon as possible to lower concussion risk!

WAIPU President Dr. iur. Lucien Valloni states:

"WAIPU, the World Association of Ice Hockey Players Unions, has examined the results of scientific research made by Piritta Poutiainen at the University of Jyväskylä, Finland, of spring 2012*.

It is a fact that the most common type of injury in ice hockey has been reported to be concussion.
This study clearly shows that modification of the materials and structures of the dasher boards gives an opportunity to affect impact characteristics and, thereby, the concussion risk.

It has to be concluded that the safest dasher board would be single-framed with light and flexible protective shielding material and it would not include shielding supporting posts.

Hence, WAIPU concludes that flexible boards and lower fixed elements are important to diminish the concussion risk.

WAIPU therefore requests the IIHF and all Federations and Leagues around the world to implement this kind of flexible and lower board system as soon as possible to protect the health of the players and to lower the concussion risk. If there are possibilities to enhance the safety for the players we cannot wait, but must act."

Press release WAIPU 15/08/2013